How are you saving water?

One thing we all have in common is water and it is up to all of us to take actions
to conserve it. You can inspire others by sharing you story with us. Tell us what
you’ve been doing to save water and the benefits you and your family receive.


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I like to save water by not letting the water run to get hot, so I microwave my wet face cloth for a few seconds to warm up to wash my face.


I love water so my baby takes a bucket bath so we don’t have to waste water filling up the whole bathtub. And we skip the soap so we can give the bath water a second life in the garden.

Santa Cruz

I designed and manufactured a new faucet that save the cold water present in the hot water pipes, thus saving 10 gal of water per day.
More info on

Claude Waudoit

we were using a bucket to carry bath water outside. then my wife found a siphonaid ( on line – and its just fine. As legal as buckets, no permits, no pumps, no plumbing and it is far cheaper than the laundry system we were considering

H. Simpson
santa cruz

I’ve been collecting my shower warm up water to water my house plants and veggie garden. This way I don’t feel guilty about watering them and I save a lot of water.

Santa cruz

If it’s yellow leave it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down.


We installed a laundry to landscape system last year. Our fruit trees love it and we never have to think about watering them.

Santa Cruz

bath-to-landscape water re-use is good for many households. Use bath tub like an indoor rain barrel and siphon the water out to thirsty landscape

santa cruz

“Dry” shower: 1) Wet body thoroughly; 2) turn off water; 3) soap/shampoo up; 4) turn water back on and rinse body; 5) keep wide dish tub nearby to catch run-off, use on garden/landscape.

David Silva-Espinoza
Santa Cruz

Using the water meter, I tracked the per minute CCUs needed to run my drip system. I set a savings goal and set up a plan to run my drip for that many minutes per month. I have saved from 30-40% on my usage over the last 3 billing cycles.

Santa Cruz

Our family feels empowered as we collect warm up water from the shower, and we are enjoying time together outside as we hand water our vegetable garden instead of using our sprinklers.

Scotts Valley

My favorite easy tip is using a shower “pause” button I got free from the City and installed myself. 2 Minute shower flow time! This year I am using a basin in the kitchen to catch dish washing water for the garden and it grew great nectarines!

Santa Cruz

I found a great soft-sided bucket at The Garden Company to catch my shower warm-up water.
It’s wide enough at the top to catch the full spray and easy to grab the handles and pour the water into the toilet bowl for the next flush!

Lore James
Santa Cruz

We’re really cutting down our shower water by using a turn off valve at the head while soaping up, using a bucket to catch the warm up water and use that to water plants, and getting those teens to take shorter showers – and they’re doing it too!

Ellen Aldridge
Santa Cruz

I just let my car get dirty! It saves water and I don’t have to deal with it.

Santa Cruz

We got a free shut-off valve from Santa Cruz County and use it to turn off our water when lathering or shaving. We also catch all our ‘warm up’ water in a bucket. I couldn’t believe how much water is wasted when I’m just getting the shower heated.

Santa Cruz

I attended a greywater workshop and learned how to recycle our house water. We also, of course, let it mellow! We love our brown lawn and how natural it is …

Santa Cruz

We dump all of our extra water from cups and dishes into our dogs water bowl. Keeps it filled up without ever having to refill it from the tap. And our dog Bailey couldn’t care less!

Scotts Valley

We have a two-year old toddler and we normally love to get out the kiddie pool each summer and fill it up. This year, we’re opting to just fill up a bucket and splash around in that! We’re also heading down to the river and the beach more!