2018 Water Conservation Video Contest Online Entry Form

By submitting this electronic form, each team member agrees to the following contest rules:

  1. I have supplied accurate information on this OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM. Contact information will remain confidential and not be used outside the video contest.
  2. The video I have submitted does not violate copyright laws and is the result of my own or group’s ingenuity and efforts.
  3. I understand if copyrighted materials are used without permission it will not qualify for broadcast on TV.
  4. I understand that the video I have submitted will remain the property of the member agencies of the Water Conservation Coalition and may be reproduced only for educational purposes.
  5. I understand the Water Conservation Coalition of Santa Cruz County will use my name, photograph, and school for advertising and/or publicity and general communication purposes. If my video is chosen as a winner, each team member under the age of 18 will submit a PHOTO RELEASE FORM signed by my parent/guardian.
  6. I have read and understand the OFFICIAL RULES AND GUIDELINES (scroll to the bottom of the page) of the contest.

2018 Video Contest Online Entry Form

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Thank you for participating in our 2018 Video Contest and Good Luck!