It’s time to fall back.

With shorter days, lower temps, and more rainfall your garden
needs less water. Fall is the time to adjust irrigation timers.

Learn about smart technology that makes irrigation a breeze.


Get ready to harvest the rain.

Rainy days are right around the corner. It’s time to install
a home rainwater harvesting system. Local rebates can help.

Learn how to design and install rainwater storage at home.

Let’s talk turf alternatives.

Our partners in Santa Clara County are removing more
than 50,000 sq ft of turf and saving 2 million gallons of water.

Learn how easy this is to do at home in 4 simple steps.

Your yard has a big impact.

What we do on land makes a big splash in the bay.
Conserve water. Prevent pollution. Spread the word.

Get Monterey Bay Friendly certified now.


Indoor Water Saving TIPS

Taking action in your home is the key to saving water.



Outdoor Water Saving TIPS

Learn wise water use in your landscaping. Make every drop count!


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Get Involved

Attend a workshop or public event near you.


We’ve got the resources to help you save water.

Passionate about your environment and saving water? You’re in the right place.

Total Gallons Pledged

Together, since July 1 2015 we have committed to conserving 6993765 gallons of water a year. Your pledge will help us reach our goal of saving 7 million gallons this year, or maybe as much as the 9.6 million in pledges last year that blew our goal out of the water!

Take The Pledge To Save Water

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