Do you know where your water comes from?

You aren’t alone. The first place to start in your effort to conserve water is to learn which district in Santa Cruz county provides your water services and where your water comes from. Water rates, rebate programs, conservation programs, resources, rules and regulations, and agency contacts vary depending on your water agency. Find your water agency by typing in your address in the map below or simply click on the map to pop up the District for that territory. Click on “Legend” on the top left of the menu bar to see what map color represents what water agency. Then scroll down below the map for links to and phone numbers for your water agency.

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Together, since July 1 2015 we have committed to conserving 9171355 gallons of water a year. Your pledge will help us reach our goal of saving 7 million gallons this year, or maybe as much as the 9.6 million in pledges last year that blew our goal out of the water!

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