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  1. Inspire residents and/or businesses to take a specific conservation action. We encourage you to focus on ONE action that a resident can take, and highlight how EASY this is to do, or what resources are available locally to help them achieve their conservation goal. See our list of hot topics below for some inspiration on high priority conservation actions in our area.
  2. Tell a story about a resident or business that has taken action to conserve our water resources: Here are some stories about people across California who have redesigned their yards to save water. (Hint, there’s videos too!)
  3. Create a visual representation of how much water is saved by taking a specific water conservation action. Check out this website from the State of California to see some water saving stats. For example, fixing a leak in your home can save 110 gallons a month or 1,320 gallons a year. But how much water is that really? Help others understand the impact of their conservation efforts by coming up with a creative way to visualize those water savings either by showing how much space that takes up or what else that water could be used for. 1,320 gallons of water is needed to produce one pound of cotton. It’s also enough water to take 75 showers. What other ideas can you come up with?

Consider these water conservation hot topics for your video theme:

More Water Conservation Resources

Our website is a great place to start learning about water conservation. Explore our ideas for


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