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Choose a video theme.

  1. Inspire residents and/or businesses to take one or two specific actions that conserve water or prevents pollution in our gardens. See the Monterey Bay Friendly Landscaping Program for ideas. We encourage you to highlight how EASY this is to do, or what resources are available locally (like rebates) to help them achieve their conservation goal.
  2. Tell a story about a resident or business that has taken action in their landscape to conserve our water resources or prevent water pollution. See these transformed landscapes for sites to feature.
  3. Create a visual representation of how much water is saved by being water wise in the garden. Create an infographic, an animated video or use special effects to convey data about the water saved using Water Wise Gardening techniques. For example, fixing a leak in your irrigation system can save 1-15 gallons per minute. How many gallons would be lost in a day, or a week with a leaky system? How about a month or year? Or consider that a square foot of turf grass takes about 4 feet of water to keep green through the summer. Compare that to a low water use plant like a lavender, that takes about 1 foot of water or less per year to keep healthy. How much water can be saved by reducing turf grass in a garden? Now visualize how much physical space that saved water takes up, or what other ways you could use that water. (For example: the number of showers you could take each year or that water savings is enough to fill a swimming pool, etc.) Come up with creative ways to help people visualize the impacts of the water savings they can achieve!

Consider these water conservation hot topics for your video theme:

More Water Conservation Resources

Our website is a great place to start learning about water conservation. Explore our ideas for


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