2016 Winning Videos


The 2016 Video Contest Winners at our awards ceremony.

Water Conservation Videos:

First Place Water Saving Tip English: Created by Jose Paredes from Watsonville High School Video Academy. View on YouTube

First Place Water Saving Tip Spanish: Created by Josefina Lopez, Rosalidia Larios, and Rachel Delozier, and actors are Jesus Lopez and Josefina Lopez. View on YouTube

Second Place Water Saving Tip English: Created by Cameron Brown and Daniel Johnson from San Lorenzo Valley High School. View on YouTube

Honorable mention goes to Toni Mills, Anna Rubin, acted by Claire Pollard and Allan Tirado from Kirby High School. View on YouTube

Pollution Prevention Videos:

First Place Pollution Prevention Tip English: Created by Leslie Lopez, and Beatriz Solis, and actors are Juan Lopez and Miss Honey. View on YouTube


Second Place Pollution Prevention Tip in Spanish:  Created by Jose Diaz, Montserrat Abrego and Nohely Quintano from Watsonville High Video Academy. View on YouTube

Total Gallons Pledged

Together, since July 1 2015 we have committed to conserving 9171355 gallons of water a year. Your pledge will help us reach our goal of saving 7 million gallons this year, or maybe as much as the 9.6 million in pledges last year that blew our goal out of the water!

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