2018 Winning Videos

Winning Videos (in no particular order)

Wasting Water Drives Me Crazy Created by Katie Small from Cabrillo College

Conservemos Agua (en español) Created by Odalis Dominguez, Rocio Morales, and Jayden Mammaril from Aptos High School

Conservando Agua (en español) Created by Trina Daing and Carmen Garcia from Aptos High School

Easy ways to save water Created by Matthew Biehl from Aptos High School

Water Rap Created by Jackson Moore from Cabrillo College

Conserve Tons of Water with This Simple Trick Created by Ben Habelt, Emily Carrillo, and Jordan Broxton from Aptos High School

Runners Up

Don’t Waste Your Opportunities! Created by Holden Barker from Aptos High School

Prince PSA Created by Dasery Ballesteros, Itzuri Gonzalez, and Luis Ceballos from Diamond Technology Institute in Watsonville

Total Gallons Pledged

Together, since July 1 2015 we have committed to conserving 9205665 gallons of water a year. Your pledge will help us reach our goal of saving 7 million gallons this year, or maybe as much as the 9.6 million in pledges last year that blew our goal out of the water!

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