Media Specification and Video Contest Rules

Video Format Specifications:

To submit a video for judging please follow these specifications on length, format, sound levels, and frame rate so that it can be used on TV or in the movie theater.

  1. LENGTH: Content of video must be no longer than 26 seconds. (4 seconds will be added at the end for credits.)
  2. FORMAT: Video should be filmed in HD 1080 at 1920 x 1080 (square pixels) resolution.
  3. SOUND: between -12db and -6dbs
  4. FRAME RATE: The preferred frame rate is 24 frames per second or 30 fps
  5. FORMAT FOR JUDGING, upload a 26 second video to YouTube and have a 4 second credits slate at the end noting your production crew, school, actors and any music that you used. Remember to use royalty free music or get written permission for music!
  6. UPLOAD: Upload your video to YouTube as a public video or unlisted. Share to get the video address, copy and paste into the online entry form. Remember, only one student in the group needs to do this.
  7. WINNING VIDEOS: If you are a winner, you must add 5 seconds of black in the beginning and end with 5 seconds of black. This does not count towards total running time (26 secs). This allows KION channel to fit your video into the TV schedule appropriately. To be TV ready, provide a HIGH DEFINITION file as an .mov file. Video should be in HD1080p at 1920×1080 (square pixels) resolution and needs to be rendered out at that resolution. The videos will be shown on KION channel 5/46, channel 70 and shown before movies in Watsonville at the Cinespots Theater.

Additional Info:

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